Curtis Elmore of Gainesville, Florida.
Black and Blue Lives

Black and Blue Lives: How to Survive and Reform American Criminal Justice. - Curtis Elmore - Author. Available at Amazon

This book is the product of fifteen years of criminal defense work in the criminal justice system in Florida.
Part I reveals some harsh truths about the system with real life anecdotes about real people dealing with the actual system.
Part II offers some specific suggestions as to how people can act to avoid getting dragged into the system, and
Part III offers some specific suggestions as to how the system should be reformed in order to advance our culture
in terms of its justice, and to bring our society into the 21st Century.
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The Jimmy Done Show

The Jimmy Doane Show

The Jimmy Doane Show was a weekly podcast on which
Curtis acted as legal analyst for over 200 shows.

The show is curently rebooting.

Lads In Space

Lads In Space

Lads in Space is an original skit series.